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Genucel Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Genucel Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Genucel is a collection of clinically tested anti-aging skincare products based on the Swiss apple Plant Stem Cell Technology of the company, in addition to other essential ingredients. These products are manufactured by Chamonix, a Swiss company that is not reputable or well-known, though. We are informed that Genucel's powerful formulas can help you to reduce skin-aging signs such as puffiness and eye bags. As a result, you are promised to enjoy a more youthful, brighter complexion. The company claims that some Genucel products can bring visible results in just 12 hours. Besides, they are equally effective for both women and men. The main website of the company is dry and pretty cut, so you will have to dig for additional information on other sources. There is nothing complicated about Genucel-branded products. The official website of Chamonix is We will first talk about the ingredients in Genucel products.

Ingredients of Genucel - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

There are different products manufactured by the company, but we will take a look at the most prominent ones. The first one is the Genucel TV and Radio Package, which includes the following products: Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy, Genucel Immediate Effects, Esotique-RF with Matrixyl, and L'essence with Vitamin C Advanced Neck Treatment. The Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy formula uses plant stems cells from the Malus Domestica apple species, which are said to make your skin younger. Its main ingredient, Eyeseryl, is said to be able to reduce under eye puffiness by up to 70% within fifteen days; however, there is lack of evidence to prove this claim. The formula features high concentration of Eyeseryl but we are not informed about the dosage of this ingredient. Other ingredients in this product include Green Tea Leaf Extract, Algae Extract, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Genucel Immediate Effects and Goji Berry Extract.


The next product, Genucel Immediate Effects, uses Relaxoderm Technology and some natural ingredients used to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. We are also told that this product underwent a clinical trial in 2006, which showed reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by 28.81%, with no side effects or undesired reactions. however, we are not provided with scientific evidence. The third product from the line is Esotique-RF with Matrixyl (Protein Polypentapeptide) is probably the best-selling anti-wrinkle treatment of the company. It promises to make your skin look younger and feel healthier. The major ingredients in this product include Grape Seed Extract, Matrixyl, Hyaluronic Acid, Proprietary Calendula Extract Base and Vitamin E. You will need to apply this formula to a clean face two times a day. Do not apply Esotique-RF on top of another anti-aging product. The fourth product from the Genucel TV and Radio Package is the L'essence with Vitamin C Advanced Neck Treatment. It uses certified green tea (and the antioxidants it contains), organic purified water, vitamin C, aloe leaf juice, safflower oil, and a proprietary Calendula extract. The product claims to tighten your skin in the neck area making it smooth. The product needs to be applied in the morning and evening.

Overall, there are six products with the Genucel name, one of which is Genucel Deep Firming Serum with Plant Stem Cell Technology. Its active ingredient is 7.5% vitamin C, which is delivered to the skin through Liposome Technology. The formula promises to deliver effective results in terms of 24-hour hydration, flawless skin, and smooth texture. Just apply a few drops of this serum onto your fingertips and massage it into your face. Genucel XV Plant Stem Cell Therapy Anti-Wrinkle Treatment uses Plant Stem Cell technology, essential oil extracts, calendula flower, peptides, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid, and an Enzyme Activation group with vitamins B3 and B6. We are told that these components provide moisturizing and anti-aging effects. Genucel Dark Spot Corrector can be used for your face, shoulders, hands, arms, or any other parts of your body to even skin tone and brighten skin. Its four key ingredients are Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen, Lumiskin, Stay-C and Alpha-Arbutin. Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy Exfoliating Masque does not come with the ingredient list on the Chamonix website, which is a big drawback, since you don't know what to expect from tis product. The major disadvantage about all of the Genucel's formulations is that they don't come with ingredients dosage information. This does not allow us to say for sure whether they work or not.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Since we are not aware of exact ingredient dosage information we can suppose that some of them can be harmful for your skin. There is a high risk of allergic reactions such as redness of the skin, dryness, irritation, itching and burning, puffiness and other unpleasant symptoms. There are not so many customer reviews about Genucel products on third-party websites. HighYa contains 33 reviews from people who share their experience of using these products. The average rating is 1.4 stars, with the most common complaints referencing lack of results, dried-out skin, allergic reactions, difficulty obtaining refunds and canceling shipments. Other complaints cited unhelpful customer service and repeated high-pressure sales tactics. Let us take a look at the actual users' testimonials left online.

"Genucel was not effective in reducing puffiness around my eyes. For the money I paid I could buy a much better skincare product! I was disappointed of being charged $110 before shipping and taxes. This product retails for $89 and it is on sale for $79. How could they charge me $110 before shipping and taxes? The item is publically displayed for $89."

"GENUCEL product did not agree with my skin at all. It felt like my skin was burning severely. I am probably allergic to some of its ingredients but I was looking forward to removing my eye bags. Fortunately, I returned it back to the company and received a full refund. I am now looking for a more effective and safer product over there."

"I ordered some of the genucel products for my wife. She says none of them really works. She has used them as recommended but saw no results. Sorry I spent so much money on those products. I will never order anything from them again and I do not recommend you this company."

Where To Buy Genucel?

The company offers a wide variety of skincare products all of which vary in price. They can be bought from the official website. Genucel's TV and Radio Special costs $139.95, plus free shipping. You will receive Genucel Immediate Effects, two tubes of Genucel Stem Cell Eye Therapy, Esotique-RF with Matrixyl and L'essence Advanced Neck Treatment. You will be automatically signed up for Chamonix's Preferred Customer Program, which means that you will get a fresh supply of these items on a monthly basis and your credit card will be charged $139.95 each time. You can buy these products separately on Chamonix's main website. Genucel Stem Cell Eye Therapy is priced at $89 (BOGO $133.50), Esotique-RF w/Matrixyl costs $99, Genucel Immediate Effects can be purchased for $79 (BOGO $118.50), while L'essence Advanced Neck Treatment costs $93.50. You can find prices of the remaining products on Genucel's website. To request a refund, you will need to call the customer service at (800) 754-6211 or send your email to

My Final Summary

Based on the information publicly available about Genucel products, they do not prove to be worth the money. These products have not been tested properly to evaluate their safety and effectiveness. The customer feedback and reviews found on authority websites like WebMD provide enough information to ensure that these products can be harmful for your skin. Most of the customers' testimonials carry a negative character. People report that they saw zero results when using Genucel products and even experienced side effects. There is lack of clinical trials available for public review made on the ingredients, so it is impossible to verify the manufacturer's findings. The company itself seems to lead dishonest marketing practices. With this in mind, I don't feel like recommending Genucel products.