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Nerium Reviews - What Is It?

WARNING: DO NOT BUY Nerium Until You Read This Review!
Is it a Scam? Does It Really Work? Check Ingredients, Side Effects and More!

Whether you have many wrinkles on your face or discoloration due to poor nutrition, UV exposure, age, smoking, or anything else, a skincare company called Nerium offers a wide variety of oleander-based skincare products that claim to help you retain a glow you wish making you look 10 years younger. Besides, these products promise to provide real results and to be based on real science. Considering Nerium's high prices, will their product really provide the benefits and lasting results they promise? Do they represent a good value? We have gathered a lot of facts and we are going to present them to you.

According to the company's official website, their oleander-based products were formulated after undergoing ten years of scientific research and testing. They say that they do not just base their claims on customer reviews, but the company has used computer-based artificial intelligence and fluorescence spectroscopy to measure reductions in discoloration, emerging of fine and deep facial lines. To control the production of their NAE-8 extract, Nerium operates their own oleander farm, which has existed for more than twelve years already. Therefore, their products are claimed to be formulated with the most effective ingredients, manufactured in a cGMP facility. According to the company, their anti-aging products are nature-based and meant for daily use. They are cruelty free, non-comedogenic, and effective for all skin types. The manufacturer promises that you may notice immediate results, but these will get more pronounced with longer use. Are Nerium products really the safest age-defying products on the modern market? To answer this question, let us take a look at the ingredients found in the formula of Nerium cream.

Ingredients of Nerium - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?


Compared to other anti-aging products available on the modern market such as Dellure Collagen and AuraVie Skincare, Nerium's line of age-defying treatments implement unique age-defying properties of the Nerium oleander plant. It is called by the company as the NAE-8 extract and is intended to address discoloration, wrinkles, and skin texture at the same time. In addition, it also deals with enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, and loose or aging skin. To produce this extract, the manufacturer claims to use a patent-pending process called NBio-PL2. It also uses Aloe Vera, which helps to preserve more of the plant's benefits including its antioxidant properties. We are very concerned with the toxicity of Nerium oleander plant that can be found in almost all formulas of Nerium skincare products. But we will take a closer look at the issue further in this review.

The manufacturer does not provide full ingredient lists of their products on the official website; however, we have managed to find the one of the Nerium daily cream. It includes NAE-8, a powerful antioxidant and patented proprietary extract derived from nerium oleander. It is claimed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The product also contains aloe vera that helps to soothe the skin. Other ingredients of the Nerium cream include Peptide Matrix, Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin E, Castor Seed Oil, Olus Oil, Hydrolyzed Quinoa and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. As you can see, most of these ingredients are oils which are mainly used to deeply nourish the skin, but their major drawback is that they may leave an oily look and feel of the skin. It is not very pleasant. Many customers complain of too heavy and oily consistency of the cream.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Many of the Nerium products are made from a poisonous plant called Nerium oleander. To be honest, this plant is associated with zero safety data, even though the company claims quite the opposite things. Their products do not seem to contain any other active ingredients. This fact makes them potentially unsafe to use. Oleander plant is toxic, according to many specialists in the field. Ten years ago, Nerium oleander was first tested as a cancer drug. Then some manufacturers started using it in creams thinking that it is safe when used topically. The FDA hasn't approved it as a cancer drug, reporting many potentially serious adverse effects. Ingesting of this plant can be deadly. This is probably the reason why Oleander is a favorite suicide agent in Sri Lanka, where it is grown. According to statistic data, oleander poisonings exceed 150 per 100,000 people every year. Ten percent of those cases are fatal.

Nerium products are linked to many online customer reviews, which appear to have an evenly mixed character. The most common complaints reference low or absent beneficial results, poor smell, unpleasant feel after application and poor customer service. Many people complain of difficulty cancelling autoship programs, high price, and high risk of skin reactions including red bumps, inflammation, acne flare-ups, and others. The company was embroiled in a lawsuit with actor Ray Liotta. The man claims that his before and after pictures were used to falsely endorse their products. In reality, the actor has never used their products. Our research has also showed several customer testimonials referencing the toxicity of the oleander plant, even though Nerium's website claims that their extracts are non-toxic and safe to use. With all of this said, the company lacks transparency, while their products are doubtful when it comes to their effectiveness. People who have used Nerium products saw no change on their skin. But they saw great losses from their wallets. Many customers believe that this is a total pyramid scam and that their products are entirely ineffective, unsafe and too expensive! Let us take a look at the actual user reviews.

"Nerium cream was waste of money for me. This company uses an excellent marketing scheme, though. Not only does this cream not do what it has to do (i.e. reduce fine lines, wrinkles,) but, their 30-day refund policy is a scam too. I have tried this product for 24 days but it didn't work. I was going to return it before the 30-day period finished but they refused to give me the refund."

"Nerium Cream is a completely useless and ineffective product. I had the right to use it for 30 days but since I did not like it I requested my money back. I called the company within the allowed term and was asked whether I still had the original packaging. Unfortunately, I did not keep its original box and could not get my money back. I don't think this is a reputable company."

"I simply hate Nerium. After using their facial creams for a few weeks, my skin looks dry and dull. Besides, my lines under the eyes are more accentuated. The night cream is just terrible and I do not like how it feels on my skin. The firming cream I used for my body has not shown any improvement at all. These products are very expensive and do not work as they promise. Avoid buying anything from this company."

Where To Buy Nerium?

Nerium products can be bought from the official website of the manufacturer. The prices vary from product to product. Age-Defying Treatment can be ordered for $110 ($80 for Preferred Customers), while NeriumFirm Skin-Tightening Cream costs $98 ($70 for Preferred Customers). Age-Defying Day Cream can be purchased for $165 ($120 for Preferred Customers). You can also buy a brightening cream, an eye cream, and a contouring lotion. Nerium products are also sold through independent representatives (similar to Herbalife or Amway). Buying through one of these representatives, you will need to sign up for the company's Preferred Customer Auto-Delivery program. In this way, you will receive Nerium products regularly, and your credit card will be charged accordingly. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee but it does not work as it should. You can contact the company by calling at 855-463-7486.

My Final Summary

Nerium products do not appear to be as effective as they are claimed to be. There are a few things you need to consider before placing your order. The company does not offer a universal solution for your skin issues. Like with any other anti-aging products, not all users will experience the same results with Nerium creams. In fact, a lot of people complain that Nerium products fail to provide any benefits at all. Some of them even experienced worsening of their skin condition as well as undesired skin reactions. There are numerous complaints about the company's 30-day money back guarantee. Few dissatisfied customers managed to get their money back. It is also difficult to cancel Autoship program. With so many customer complaints I cannot recommend Nerium treatments. The anti-aging industry a wide variety of more effective and safe skincare products for you to choose from.